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About Me

I am a graphic designer by trade, but I do product photography as part of my job. I started doing portrait photography outside of work part time a couple years ago and find it very fulfilling. Since I don't do this full time, I work relatively cheap compared to most and I'm willing to do TFP or TFCD if I have the time.

I'm pretty laid back and easy to work with, so my shoots tend to be really low pressure. I like to make my shoots fun and comfortable while still providing quality photos. I'm always willing to take input and constructive criticism, especially from those with more experience than me. I prefer working with people who don't take themselves too seriously and are open minded.

When doing TFP/TFCD I will provide Hi Resolution retouched images. I do not provide RAW images ever.

I have a couple projects on the horizon that I'm going to need models for:

Project 1 - Cosplay
When: Summer 2013 (very flexible). I'd like to meet with models well in advance to do a planning session in case costumes need to be made, so it would be a 2 day commitment.

Where: TBD (Somewhere in SE Michigan

What: I'm looking to get into Cosplay photography, so I want to put together an all female super hero group filled with strong women with attitude. Will need men too, but only for villains. This would probably be an all day thing, but should be a blast.

Who: I'm looking for models who embrace geek culture and have at least some experience doing Cosplay or have been wanting to try it.

Compensation: I have no money for this project, so it would be TFP. You'll also need your own costume.

Project 2 - Fragile Minds
When: Numerous shoots from September thru November 2013

Where: Various locations TBD

What: In addition to being a graphic designer and photographer, I am also a tabletop roleplaying game designer. I have created a game loosely based on the movie Se7en in which one player plays a serial killer and the other player plays an overzealous detective that lives on the edge. I want to use all photographs in the book instead of hand drawn artwork, so I need a wide range of shots.

Who: I'll need serial killers, cops, extras and victims. I need models that aren't afraid to get dirty, like with dirt and fake blood (no sex stuff). Some shots will require partial nudity, but those will primarily be from behind (no full frontal). I intend to make these shoots as safe and comfortable as possible behind the scenes, but a lot of them will be pretty intense subject matter. Models will need to be comfortable being placed into compromising positions ranging from being tied up to being hung upside down or stuffed in a freezer or shallow grave.
I'm also going to need people to do special effects make-up.

Compensation: I plan to do some fundraising over the summer, so hopefully there will be pay involved, but I can't guarantee that at the moment.

If you are interested in doing either of these shoots, please contact me.