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About Me

Hi there, I’m Frisya Mediawan and I’m a nude art and lifestyle photographer based in Bandung, Indonesia. Thanks for dropping by this little corner of the world wide web and reading a little about me!

If someone would ask me whether I always knew, whether deep down inside of me there was always that still, small voice, telling me that one day I would spend my weekends hanging out with the coolest couples I barely even know, and capturing the most intimate moments on the most important day of their lives, the answer is of course not! What started as a random hobby a few years ago has taken me to places I would never have been otherwise, connected me to some of the most fun-loving, caring, and amazing people I have ever met, and brought me so much joy and adventure. This is beyond my wildest dream.

So here are some things about me and my photography.

YM: f_mediawan
P: +62818714xxx