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About Me

I was born in the Dairy land state called Wisconsin where the rest of my family members reside.
I guess you can call me a country girl and proud of it. I always loved nature and the lifestyle of country living. I decided to move to the Big City as my career took off in Modeling and Acting.
It has always been my goal to have a good career.
I'm a dedicated person and willing to work hard in any work I do.
When I was growing up I read many books on
acting, modeling, and learning music.
After high school I decided to follow my dream,
so I decided to go to Hollywood California
and started my Modeling and Acting career.
I have played many character parts
in major motion picture films, and
nationally distributed TV shows. My website tells you more information on my career life with pics and resume on all the films I worked on. Go to http://heidirae.com/ I have had the opportunity to work with many
well known celebrities that have given
me the incentive to further my career.
While working in Hollywood California my work led me to travel to many different locations
all across the USA.
One of the places I went to work for a swimwear photo shoot was sunny Florida where I loved it so much I wanted to move there...so I did.
That is where I live today and work
on major motion picture films, TV shows, auto,
food, and boat conventions, as well as doing
professional modeling shoots.
I have my own Florida swimsuit postcard available for sale
in many retail stores in South Florida,
where I'm well known and recognized.
You can call me a diverse person to work with,
that loves music and the good things in life.
When I am not working in the film industry I enjoy performing on stage where I'm a backup singer. So Always have faith in yourself and you'll make your dreams come true.


Modeling Pageants , Fashion shows, Swimwear Modeling, Parts Modeling, MTV Music Videos,,


02 Feb 12 13:24
love to talk about possible shooting. i travel that way
13 Jan 12 02:11
Welcome to iStudio.
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