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Child hood made me to observation and inovation of the beauty and Nature which makes me to keep memory throght the passionate photography.name that is synonymous with excellence & creativity. For over a decade I have continued to master the art of photography. From personality portraits and advertising campaigns to fashion and magazine layouts,I have developed and showcased a discriminating and unique style of his profession.

Known for my unassuming disposition, sincere dedication and an eye for making his subjects seem surreal, lens-legend my resume shrieks names that scrape the upper echelons of Bollywood’s aristocracy. Always feel for some new creation to have the fame and name for both model and myself in the upcoming generations. Feel to get fresher to promot them and to experience model to provide new concept that all my moto and way of working. I do feel beauty can express any where you and, thats depend on your created concept which I do belive to have with me good experince and experiment on lense . I do friendly connection with models which get me and model to feel comfort for my concept and the idea of shoot. Shooting everybody can do but get 100% rare people do but I dont think soon I can reach to 100%. Photographer lie to say that they achive 100% no one can.


A Lot


08 Apr 14 23:09
Nice port!
06 Aug 13 02:28
Nice success from your present dear ;) Lera.
23 Oct 12 15:02
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02 Sep 12 22:58
Thanks for the friend request. You have a beautiful portfolio. Hugs and Kisses, Haley Bohon
01 May 12 11:39
Thanks for your friend request!
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