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About Me

I have been in the lighting industry! I am not a photographer or model! I wish here to make friends!

Name: Chen Industry (Sam)
Nationality: China
Date of birth from 1993 -10-03
Occupation: Lighting
Zodiac: Rooster
Religion: Buddhist
Height: 178CM
Weight: 68kg
Blood Type: O
Constellation: Libra
Fear most: children and women cry
Favorite Country: U.S.
Favorite Color: Black White Blue
Favorite drink: cappuccino milk Kung Fu Tea
Favorite food: Beef
I am a smart and have smart people, cheerful, open-minded, I do not like reading but may be natural for the business is interested to earn more money to help needy people around, I like foreign girls, personality can be thought good to meet, hope to marry a foreign girl, has a happy family! If you can hope to live in the United States!

Want to have to imagine: Ghost Whisperer's Melinda and Jim the same family! Harmonious and warm!