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About Me

Hello, and welcome to WildCard Photography. I specialize in providing sophisticated-yet-simple, and sexy-yet-classy imagery for a wide-range of clients here in Miami, and throughout the U.S. I've worked with FORD, Maxim, and FHM models, Playboy Playmates, and international fitness models, as well as clothing lines, and a wide variety of corporate clients to include national charities.

Why choose WildCard?
I'm often asked why I chose the name WildCard, when most photographers use the standard first-last name/studio format. Well, the answer is both simple, and yet complex at the same time...I just wanted to be different. However, my work is also always unpredictable, and I pride myself on this fact. A wildcard can be anything, and is something you never see coming -- just like my shooting style, which is probably completely different from what you've seen from any other photographer before me. A wildcard is never afraid to take chances, since, by definition, it has nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Because of this, my work is bound by nothing, and herein lies its power.

NO trade shoots, and here's why...
Trade shoots are like any other photo shoot. They involve hours, and usually days worth of my time spent editing the shoot long after (you) the model has left, time that you're basically asking me to sacrifice from my own personal life for photos that I never even needed in the first place. Nobody likes being taken for granted. So, with that said...please just ask...you'll find my rates are well worth the investment in your portfolio, especially when you consider the depth and breadth of work we'll create together in only a single photo shoot.

Other photographers...
Perhaps the greatest compliment an artist can receive, and the one which probably lets you know once you've "arrived," even without fame, is to have other artists want to study under you. To my genuine surprise, I continue to receive many requests to be my assistant on shoots, and even requests from local art students wanting to intern. Although I'm indeed honored, please know that I have to decline in advance, since I need to keep my techniques as close-hold as possible in order to protect my livelihood. However, once again, thank you for your understanding, and for the truly amazing compliment!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!



Brent Shapiro Foundation -- Annual Fundraiser -- Beverly Hills, CA Sep 2011
The Charity Angels -- web & iPhone app designer -- Beverly Hills, CA Jun 2011
Quintessentially -- corporate supplier -- May 2010, Miami, FL
Winter Music Conference -- S.K.A.M. Artists -- Mar 2010, Miami, FL
Buzzine Magazine -- personal interview -- Oct 2009, Hollywood, CA
Physique Magazine -- cover story -- Dec 2008, Dubai, UAE
Body Damage (clothing line) -- ad campaign -- Aug 2008, San Jose, CA
New Mobility Magazine -- feature article -- Mar 2008, Beverly Hills, CA
Walking Is A Privilege -- spinal cord injury charity -- Beverly Hills, CA
Trade Guide Magazine -- 4 page spread -- Mar 2008, Mumbai, India
Infusion Art Gallery -- exhibition -- Jan 2008, Los Angeles, CA
Bucked Up (clothing line) -- corp. advertising -- Dec 2007, Norfolk, VA
Maxim Hometown Hotties -- annual contest submissions -- 2006-2009
Time Lounge -- corporate advertising -- Mar 2007, Norfolk, VA
Gannet Newspapers -- freelance photojournalist -- 1996/98, NY State
Time-Life Photo Lab -- various lab-based assignments -- 1996/98, NYC