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About Me

I have a deep passion for the art of photography. "The Feminine" is the genisis of my inspiration. I've been in partnership for many years with my wife supporting women in Life and Relationship Coaching and now with photography.
Photography has become a delightful obsession! Photography is a powerful, exciting tool for the advancement of women. (Men too of course... I've just been all about "the feminine" for the past 20 years. I worked for many years in womens fashion, then coaching women... now photography.
I work exclusively with women (still in partnership with my wife) although she has little interest in the photo shoots, she really enjoys the editing. Truthfully though... I am pretty much of a minimalist when it comes to editing. If it weren't for cropping I probably wouldn't edit at all. I'm very much about capturing the raw truth of the moment and the experience... "un-altered". At least thats the challenge :)
Any female models in the Salem area that may be interested in collaboration or TFP or TFCD this is a good time to give me a call. I've pretty muched dropped everything else I was doing.
From a Life Coach that also took photos of my clients...
Now... a Photographer that also Coaches my clients.
A simple, seemless, EXCITING transformation... and loving it!
My websites are not finished by any means but you can check them out, they might help you get to know me :)

I hope I can help you achieve OUTRAGEOUS HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS!!!!!