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The Lock&Loaded team was conceived by a group of stylists who have traveled the world for various hair product manufacturers as educators/platform artists. Throughout their travels, one thing became very clear: today’s stylist did not fully understand sculpting/coloring techniques for today’s male. Times have changed, and so have today’s male. In our current society, men are much more astute with fashion and want to be trendsetters. They are the most loyal of clients and require particular attention. With this new male clientele, we needed to craft more creative and diverse looks to provide them.

Thus, Lock&Loaded was formed. With over 15 years of combined experience providing stylists an education in sculpting men’s hair, L&L is proud to represent this new generation of men and is dedicated to providing stylists with the full arsenal of education necessary to execute the latest looks for men. From trend cutting to old school barbering, from urban couture to graphic hair design, we have established ourselves as the leader in male hair fashion and grooming.