About Me

I am a photographer, first I was a programmer for a computer. After graduating in the field, it did not work ... I then go into graphic design n switch is running. But then the project has stolen my block with the friends work together, and I did not get anything. then I switched to the marketing of insurance coverage hehehe ... n also does not cover mutual fund companies. In the end, meet with friends hobby photos, initially does not still be master of photography, but my principle "will always learn to get the experience"

I finally decided to go into photography, and began to learn from time to time. I finally made ​​a decision founded in 2006 "Light Photography"


The Winner Photo Challenge at deviantART (Sept 13, 2010)
Guest Speaker at Soegijapranoto University
Adviser at Mirror Photography Community - Soegijapranoto University
Chairman at Mata Semarang Photography Club - Indonesia
The Best Photo of The Week on Pixoto (Mar, 8, 2012)


15 Jan 14 11:48
Amazing port! Best of luck to you :)
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