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He dresses like a portrait; each fit is worth a 1000 words. He see life thru a lens of a camera always looking for the perfect shot. He is full of all kinds of knowledge and is thirsty for more daily. He is young but has a old soul. He is a street scholar and a book worm. His air is music, he is made of notes. He walks to a beat, talks to a track, lives like a song, skips a lil but gets thru the bridge and is a catchy hook! His life is an album! (Plantem stades) He rushes things but has the patience to paint master pieces. Beyond genuine, a true gentlemen, appreciates more than just the outside of women. His spirit is honest, humble, loving, he is confident but never cocky. He's not perfect but was made the mirror image of perfection He is totally complete-But is missing a rib. His personality is brilliant he speaks his mind but watches he mouth. He is grounded in the Lord and knows what direction he wants his life to go. He is hard core, a beast, his eyes are trouble but his hands have a sensitive touch. He cares about every thing he touches but only touches what he cares about. He is his mothers dream, The devils worst nightmare yet the worlds reality. He is many words but one he isn't is ordinary!


29 Apr 12 17:29
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