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Yada, yada and more yadas - sure you have heard it all before, but my story is different and you could definitely say that I took the long way to get into this business. It all began in small town Americana - Memphis - actually and it damn near took me eighteen years to get out of that place! From the U. of A. in Tuscaloosa (Yes, T-Town it was and the Class of '85 for me) then on to DC as an Congressional Aid and Speechwriter. Finally, I figured out that Washington had more BS'ers than just about any other place but NYC. So off to find myself there, I found it allright - working three part-time jobs and auditioning for every thing from commercial art to Broadway to the feature films to Sesame St! Enough, enough and more than enough so much in fact I had IT! Then I went West young lady, cuz if Jimmy Morrison said the "West is Best," I had to have it and HER. Well, after two years in Aspen HER was no longer HER and she split for the big-shot in LA. I, on the other hand headed to Sun Valley to teach a few of the "beautiful people" how to attempt to make turns in the snow and fly guide in the Summer. Blood, sweat and tears and years later I decided to give the newspaper a shot and got a part-time writing gig and much more free-lancing work shooting pics and writing stories in of all places IRAQ! Shooting pics of people actually shooting each other was loads of craziness - so crazy I did it some more in AFGH. Well after dodging bullets, shrapnel and other assorted vbieds I decided to get back in the "entertainment biz" and here I am looking for "real" people, real beauty and real talent - a different kind than that found on the casting calls of LA. So, I walk the Earth seeking "new," "unusual talent," and exotic beauty and fresh faces for those of you that aren't necessarily looking for it. Do you have anyone in mind? Then, help me help you. You know where to find me. Cheers.



I really don't consider telling you how wonderful I am any further - so lets leave this annoying trivia out of my profile - after all - how many Eagle Scout badges did you earn?


30 Apr 12 11:42
Thanks for the listings!
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