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I am a semi-professional model that is in the industry for the art. I am easy to work with. I am outgoing, crazy and hyper--in a good/humorous way. I try to be friends with everyone I meet. I taught myself how to read, write and speak Spanish through written literature. I am currently learning French and Italian. My hobbies include singing, dancing, swimming, drawing, writing, hanging out with friends, etc. I am into the gothic style. I dress according to my mood. Sometimes goth, other times, casual. There are times I dress like that of a harlot, though I am not the one that doles out the body. I am a certified tank turret mechanic and I am the mechanic for my own vehicle.

Medium hair. I have 2 tattoos, one of which glows in the black light. My navel is pierced. I will do about any type of shoot as long as it remains tasteful.

I was introduced to modeling in mid-2009. My experiences are as follows:

Print modeling with So Divine Images
Print modeling for NWA Girls
Spokesmodel for Baby oil wrestling at Kale's Club 71, Rogers, AR
Spokesmodel for Iron and Ink Bike Wash, Rogers, AR
Private lingerie shoot in Talehquah, OK.
Digitaldaysphotos.com photoshoot in St. Louis, MO directed by Phil Mistry
Print modeling with JLS Studios
Print modeling with Tommy Mumert
Print modeling with Don Fielding
Print modeling with Dan Koster
Print modeling with Bill Johnson Photography
Print modeling with Dave Scott Photography
Print modeling with MAllen Photography
Print modeling with Springfield AD

Now, down to business. I understand that your time is of value and so is mine. Therefore, I do charge. I am willing to travel if the expenses are covered and the pay is sufficient. Distance is not an issue. My rates are as follows:

$100/hr full artistic nudes
$75/hr implied/lingerie
$30/hr casual/non-nudes
All Rates are negotiable! I can work around schedules and alter rates to fit a budget!


Don Fielding: photography--MM#77790--Nice man and my very first photographer. He does many classical type shoots but is open for new ones. I would definitely work with him, again.

Keri: MUA, model and photographer--MM#1445380--She is a nice woman with a fun personality. She is a photographer AND a model that hosts some Promos/events

Dan: photography--MM#1669001--Fun photographer. He is open to many types of shoots. In fact, he is the first one I have ever done artistic nude shots with.

Tommy Mumert: photographer and my manager--MM#68835--Awesome man and very respectable! He is so sweet and totally one of the top choices to shoot with any day of the week!

James Smith: photographer--MM#781544--Nice photographer and a respectable man.

Bill Johnson: photographer--MM#1482581--Awesome work and very respectable. He is a fun person to work with.

Dave Scott: photographer--MM#1218650--Great work, fun personality and a very nice person to work with.

Jim Bauer: Castle Rock Pictures--MM#1867359--Fun to work with. Very professional. AWESOME work!

Doug: photographer--Springfield AD--MM#2385761--Very cool to work with and knows how to work the camera. He has a very fun personality.

Michael Simmons: photographer--MM#721195--Awesome photographer. Great personality. He is open to ideas and is very respectful. I would definitely work with him again.


28 Mar 12 18:39
Hello how are you? Im a web Designer and im trying to build up my portfolio for model websites. If you want me to design you a free site just send me a message or email me at design@siegeind.com to talk further thanks!
04 Mar 12 22:02
Welcome to iStudio. Wish you lived closer so we could shoot
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