About Me

currently I'm establishing another division and personality on commercial photography.
I'm capable of doing some photographic services in fashion, portrait, beauty, conceptual, product, etc.
(though i don't do much alike others popular photography genre, you can rate me as a newbie :D or a particular one)
considered myself as a thoughtful photographer for some low budget photographic assignments.

also looking forward into doing some collaboration, creating portfolios with makeup artists, models, or fashion designers.
I'm open to talk over into trying out concepts and exploring ideas.

TFCD, TFPs, or other TF* are welcome.
hopefully I could perform the best of my work for the synergy.
don't have much portfolio in fashion and portrait to show you yet.

traveling is one of my desire along with making some good photographs.
if all goes well, I hope i can do something to expand your necessity and also mine.

best regards.
construe_photo[ét] ya h oo. c om