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I am laid back and silly! I love expressing opinions and self confidence through my art, not only modeling but tattoos and other body modifications as well. I LOVE being in front of the camera but I have been really growing on being behind it as well! Concerts [music in general] is a huge thing for me, I also am currently going to school for Forensic Biology. I love traveling and am looking forward to doing some traveling this summer!

Quick run down of my figure/looks, I have [at the moment] red and black hair, brown eyes, I stand 5'7'', 36 [D], 30, 40 are my measurements, I have my left industrial, tongue. Tattoos, Large rib piece on right of corset, Right shoulder [front] it reads "If I'd observed all the rules, I'd never have gotten any where" - Marilyn Monroe with lip prints, a panda on my left [front] shoulder, biohazard on my left wrist, small red star on left hip, portrait of a zombie on my lower left back.

I am looking for compensated shoots [monetary and other]
Several places I am dying to visit are, Cali, Arizona, more of New Mexico, South Texas, South Carolina, Oklahoma! I am trying to make every trip worth while [gas being so high limits me]


I am dying to go to New Orleans!


23 Apr 12 17:27
Beautiful...great build too
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