About Me

My website: www.stevegrimmsphotos.com

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work.

My name is Steve Grimm and I have been playing with a camera most of my life. Now that I have become a photographer my cameras just cost alot more!! hehehe!

If you have a kick ass idea that you would like to shoot, PLEASE look me up. I love working with models who have their own ideas. I can't think of EVERYTHING.

DON'T walk into my studio and just say "make me look hot."
Although I can make you look hot, I would rather have an idea of what you're lookin for, ya know?

DON'T tell me you want to work with me and not follow up. If I say I would like to work with you, I really mean it.

I don't do many TFCD session anymore unless I think you're truely stunning and I know you're going places. Ok, maybe when I'm bored too. And maybe when I just wanna get creative, but THAT'S it I promise.

DON'T write me and tell me how much you charge. I don't pay models unless I'm doing a gig for a client. You were born pretty, I had to buy all my shit and I pay studio rent. PLEASE don't be offended by that statement, just think about it. I had to learn my craft, it has nothing to do with genes.

Ok, now that you think I'm a jerk read ---------


I have done so much stuff.

Labatt Blue posters

Power Trip Energy Drink posters.
Power Trip magazine ads published in: Beverage World - Beverage Industries - MMA and Tap Out magazine.
Billboard work for Power Trip.
Website photos for Power Trip.
Location & PROMO work for Power Trip.

I have photographed several Beauty pageants from Buffalo to Syracuse.

Lets not forget that my work hangs in hundreds of livingrooms all over. It's cool knowing my work in over someones fireplace right now, and may get past down for generations.

I can go on all day so I'm gunna shut up now.