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I really don't check this page any more. I've tried to network on here but have never received a reply nor anything so I'm writing it off.

If you want to add something to your portfolio, give me a yell. I love to do artistic and creative work. There's nothing more gratifying than working on a concept and producing something that surprises both myself and the model. It's my job to make you look good, and I take it very seriously. I don't shoot a series of snapshots. I try to get at least 1-3 great photos that we can both be proud of.

I will do selected TFP shoots if you are willing to work with me on creative ideas and you fit the project. Otherwise, my rates are very reasonable. Give me a shout, you just might be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive I am to work with.

My NEVER list:
1. I will NEVER touch a model except to shake their hand.
2. I will NEVER ask you to shoot anything you don't want to shoot.
3. I will NEVER belittle you or talk down to you.
4. I will NEVER call, text, email, or message you unless there is a good reason to do so.
5. I will NEVER hit on you, proposition you, or make inappropriate sexual innuendo.

My ALWAYS list:
1. I will ALWAYS treat you with respect, like an equal, and like a human being.
2. I will ALWAYS be there when I say I will.
3. I will ALWAYS keep my end of the deal.
4. I will ALWAYS welcome unobtrusive escorts.
5. I will ALWAYS welcome you to contact the models I have worked with before as a reference.


12 Jun 12 15:04
NICE STUFF Pls look at http://www.peterbruceweddingphotography.com/ Thanks PB...
07 May 12 13:53
Nice start to a great portfolio.
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