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Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Brown
Ethnicity :Middle Eastern
Skin Color:Olive
Experience:Some Experience
Compensation:Depends on Assignment
Join:5 Aug 2014
Last:17 Aug 2015

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About Me

I started helping my friends out with their portfolios/websites by modeling for their Photo Shoots and asking for nothing in return but to Pay It Forward. They informed me about this social website where they contacted some of their prospects for their Photo Shoots, and I stated. "I will check it out". As well as this soon became a side hobby for me, since it is also pretty fun. Here is a behind the scenes link to a video of one of the photo-shoots I have done:

Having said that, I am willing to help anyone out; to create fine art, in the kind gesture of Paying It Forward. I will assist you in building your portfolio and website by doing Photo Shoots. I don’t consider myself a model, however I have done modeling, fit modeling and favors for friends who needed somebody for their “Look Book”. I have a few photo shoots in progress and done some amazing Photo Shoots recently but they are being worked on for complete perfection. In addition, some of my photos have been published.

**Please Note: I will aid you with your goal ONLY if it fits both our best interests and we agree with the Subject/Theme Line, which has to be Classy and not Tacky, so something among the lines of Editorial, Fashion, High Fashion, Glamor, Lifestyle, Vintage, Dark yet classy, Underwater shots, Nature, etc... You get my gist. I just would like the style to bring elegance, tastefulness and edginess to photos. I prefer not to do studio shoots; in my opinion I think they are boring and would rather to do "On Location with Natural Light and Themed" Photo Shoots which from my point of view, are way more exciting, edgier and challenging in a fun way. Also, I do not feel comfortable doing Photo Shoots with male models, lingerie, bathing suits and definitely not nude. In addition, part of me Paying It Forward, is that I want to ensure the images is an amazing Photo Shoot for everyone; so there has to be a full team that will benefit from this. Team should include: Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Photographer and Wardrobe/Accessories Stylist. Reason is: If we are going to create material, we must do it good or not at all. Yet for example; if the photographer or someone from the team already has the wardrobe, then there is no need for a wardrobe stylist. So what am trying to say is, these logistics can be worked out to be done in another manner but some how it needs to all come together with a professional finishing touch and no half-done work**

In all do respect, I understand that we all have different Faiths, Belief Systems and ways of Worship. However, I will not wear items or accessories that idolize any Symbolic Ritual, Religion, Group, Cult, etc.

*****It would also be of great help, if you are interested in collaborating with me and we agree on the theme, to please have details on the idea you have in mind; such as the overview of theme, wardrobe, hairstyle, make-up style sent to me ASAP via email so that I have a visual of the concept we are trying to conquer. Basically some sketches, images, or links emailed to me (will provide email once we connect and we consider the idea of working together). OR on the website "" (we can do a discussion board for easy uploading, [will give you my username if we use this method]. In addition, please try to narrow down a “set time, date and location” Also the place of "Call Time" where everyone is to meet prior to the actual Photo Shoot to set up and get ready. Basically, anywhere decent that has an outlet and space to get ready at. Once we have a time date, and location please stick to it (that way if anyone else would like to shoot me, I can cancel the date(s) promised to you out) I understand things happen, however, if you seem flakey and not on point, I will save myself the time, energy and headache and most likely would prefer not to work with you. ******

Furthermore, for reference if you want to see what I look like more in depth, you can take a peek at my Instagram page. If you wish for that information, you can message me and I will send you my username once I see that you are not a fake because I can do without spam. :)

Have a lovely day and dress yourself with a bright shining smile.



30 Sep 16 02:00
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06 Sep 14 21:45
I would love to photograph you, and in return I would shoot and promote you
22 Aug 14 11:13
Compliments from: Bellissime Models by Salvatore Vergone Ph - New York USA (No Profit Organizations) - International “Fashion & Glamour Models and Stylists” Public Relations.
09 Aug 14 21:31
Hey Now! Great look.
06 Aug 14 12:31
Gorgeous work!
06 Aug 14 10:25
Beautiful professional portfolio, you would enhance anyone's portfolio, I would say though, you should be charging for your services~ Ruebón
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