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Hello, I'm Kyttn, if you'd like to know my real name just ask me in a message. I'm from a small town but i have big ambitions. Ever since i was 3 I've been performing, I started out in skating then moved onto public speaking & then by the age of 8 I took part in my first theater performance. I've loved being in the spotlight & to this day I still perform as well as sing & write my own songs. Singing is my strongest passion it makes me happy & it makes me feel good when others hear my voice & they enjoy it.

Aside from all that being the ambitions & spontaneous girl I am I have recently in the past year have picked up on hair dying. I've always been fascinated with hair but I never thought of to dye it myself. A year has gone by & I've been every color some solid others mixed, currently half blue & half black but that will change eventually.

One day I was on Youtube & I noticed all these amazing & gorgeous girls, I looked into further detail & found out that I have stumbled upon a thing called site modeling. I decided I wanted to try to be one. Now I have been site modeling for a year & I still enjoy it but as fun as it is to model online I thought it's about time I start doing real shoots. I used to be nervous about it but now I have a lot more confidence & I thought the best place to be discovered at would be here at istudio. In conclusion I am a fun loving full of life girl & I work along great with everyone. I hope you consider me to be one of your models, Thank you.


04 Jan 13 17:41
Love your port. Would love to work with you sometime :)
16 May 12 20:49
Welcome to iStudio. Wish you lived locally so we could shoot.
16 May 12 16:14
Welcome to iStudio Kyttn... Nice start on your Port... :)
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