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I am a 24 year old photographer, married and a mother of one handsome 4 year old. I have been doing photography since 2006 and I love it! It has been hard due to me having a disease called CMT and it affects my motor and sensory nerves so I can't go walking a lot or climbing up or on things any more to get the right picture but I am slowly adjusting.
I am here to learn how to get the right angle and the right picture of a certain person or thing if you are unable to reach the position you want to take it at. Hope I learn a lot!!

I would also like to mention I do donation photo shoots too, I like to hold $20 for 60 pics on a cd unedited plus free will donation to CMT (charcot-marie-tooth disease) which is the disease i have and if you want them edited by me you need to donate at least $15 to CMT.


27 May 12 01:58
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