About Me

I'm available for pretty much any kind of photography; head shots, glamour, portfolio updates, promotional material, etc. You want it, I can shoot it.

My rates are simple and straight forward:

$50/hour for "hourly" type work such as concerts, events, product photography, shindigs, and any other sort of situation where there is no set time schedule.

I offer a "studio" Glamour package as well consisting of 4 different sets, with 25-30 finished, post processed images per set for $150.00. This package includes a MUA as well.

I am an experienced web designer as well, and have built and maintain several modeling portfolio and membership based sites. If you have a site you need updates for or are thinking of starting one up, let me know and I'll send you some samples of my web design work. I'm not that expensive either.

If you're interested in working with me, message me through here.


04 Jun 09 10:03
Your Good
16 Apr 09 17:26
Brilliant work!
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