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My name is Sara and I'm an aspiring photographer. Im a student in Central NJ and spend most o my time working hard towards my future goals, nevertheless I never leave the house without an open mind an my camera. Im looking to build my portfolio in both photography and modeling as well as my overall experience.

I started to take pictures at 16 as a way of taking out my frustrations and personal setbacks. It was a healthy way to let off steam. Up until recently I only took pictures of nature and animals because it was readily available and had the kind of mystical beauty most people miss. Lately, however I've been incorporating more people and human themes into my work. Im looking to expand on this idea and better my work and hopefully this site can help me achieve just that.

I could go on and on about my past, present, and future but I'd much rather show my character through my work. Enjoy my gallery!

*** Currently looking for TFP Models



23 Oct 14 14:55
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