Hayavi Moradi - American Music Awards 2010
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About Me

My company is Hayavi Live International.

Our A to Z Productions, Everything with all professional & talented & hard working crew at my, us, our Fashion Shows, Producers, Models, Make Up, Hair, Photo, Video, Talent Managers, Casting Directors, Performers (Singers, DJ's, MC's, Dancers & ......), Designers, Fashion Coordinators, Fashion Stylists, Assistants, Venue, Clubs, Promoters, Security Guards & .... all great Team workers. Hayavi Live International / Perfect Team

I know many Powerful & Successful Women, men like you, Friends in the Entertainment & Different Businesses & Life .....!

I'm Producer of Fashion Shows, TV Shows, Red Carpet Events, Clubs, Concerts & ..........! I'm Agent & International Casting Director of World Best Professional Models & Talents in Fashion Shows, Run Ways, TV Shows, Movies, Photo Prints, Art & .... all great stuff.

I'm Business Associate with many Top Models & You, Designers, Fashion Coordinators & Stylist, Video & Photo, Hair & Make Up, Amazing Venues, Great Security Guards, Active Off Duty Police Officers & Great Crew, Team Workers & Perfect Team & ....... in Beverly Hills 90210, HOLLYWOOD, San Diego, Las Vegas & many other city's in USA & WORLD.

I started as International DJ & Actor. I followed my Passion & Dream, what I strongly love & believed in & worked very smart, hard & Thank GOD my dreams came true & I have been super busy in what I love to do since I was child Age of 9-10 by being, doing, having. I am an Loving, Passionate, Powerful, Empowering, Sexy Leader. I Love to help people & make people happy. Sky is the limit.

I Love helping, Supporting, Promoting Fashion Shows, Pageants, Events, Clubs, Concerts & .... in unlimited ways Facebook, TV, Radio, YouTube, Text Blast & Email Blast, Magazine, Newspaper & ......!

I'm interested & honor promoting you and your & our events, Fashion Shows & .... many more to come.

You can find me on IMDB, Please add me on the Facebook: Hayavi Moradi II, My Website: HayaviLive.com, YouTube, Google & Television Shows, Radio Shows & ...!

I am looking forward to work with you, your & our team.

I am an Loving, Passionate, Powerful, Empowering, Sexy Leader. 4. Always 4.

Please send me all the info for your next events.

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"With God all things are possible"

"Things turn out better when We work & Team work together."

Love, Peace, Joy
Hayavi Moradi
Producer & Promoter
Int'l DJ, Casting Agent,

Website: HayaviLive.com


WORLD NEWS: www.wn.com/hayavi_moradi

Hayavi Live International
DJ's & Dancers, Models, Singers, Musicians, Actors, Actresses
Best Professional Talents & ...... for all Occasions
* Best Hit Top 40 Int'l Music & Talents *
* Entertainment Productions Company *
* Private Parties, Clubs, Concerts ...... *
* Movie Premieres & VIP Red Carpet *
* Fashion & TV Shows USA & World *
* 27 Years experience * 90210 *

Facebook: Hayavi Moradi II

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5779 Beverly Hills, CA. 90209-5779 U.S.A

E: hayavimoradi@yahoo.com

Voice: 310-289-2124
Text: 917-932-2192
Fax: 310-289-2325


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