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About Me

I'm listed under Photographer because I am a Director of Photography.
In short; I'm a Video Producer.

I hope to create professional relationships with Models, Photographers, & other Videographers, specifically in the Charlotte, NC area. Naturally, I prefer offering and accepting paid work but occasionally ideas and budgets don't coincide so I offer & accept non-paid or TFP.

Although most of what I do to pay the bills is Corporate (Commercials, Events, Training, etc.); I'm comfortable working with any type of material from G to X. I would like to update my Port with Video Press Kits of local Models, Photographers, & Studios in an effort to help us all gain more exposure.

I work out of my home, a studio in NoDa, and will do Guerrilla style shoots anywhere in or around Charlotte. I like bouncing ideas & planning the work as much as I enjoy seeing the final result. I am not bothered by onlookers and do what it takes to get the shot we envision.

I'm easy to relax around and down to experiment. I'm way chill and come without any judgements. If we can think it... I'm down to try it!

Models & Photographers:
I'd love to come out and video some of your shoot, conduct short interviews, & produce a kick @$$ video showcasing your talents.

As I build my Port here, I'm down to simply TFP.
So, if you're shooting in Charlotte... hit me up!