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About Me


**I am here to create. I am here to inspire. I am here to be inspired.**

Looking for fun, energetic and dedicated female models.
My photography is like a water fall, they flow with beauty and passion.
I will work with in-state and out of state models.
I'm looking for female models interested in performing tfp's on the island's of hawaii. I am here to make art, to be a blank canvas, to be raw material; I am looking for creative individuals, who are passionate about their work, to use me to that end. I love the energy that generates on artistic projects, and constantly wish to immerse myself in it.
Nudity is not a requirement, what is required, is a fun loving attitude, a bit of a silly side and an open mind. Model please understand that the photograph is not always just about the model and how beautiful she can be, it is about the photograph as a whole.My shoots are fun, laid back and chill. No pressure at all. I like my models to feel as comfortable as possible. And I do my best and provide the atmosphere to reflect that. I do not have a studio or like to shoot in a studio. I prefer to shoot on location.
I am looking to collaborate with adventurous models who find beauty in the boldly erotic.

If this sounds like you, contact me.

"We can no more prevent a thought returning to the mind than we can prevent the sea from rising on the fourshore.
To the sailor it is the tide to the uneasy conscience it is remorse. God moves the soul and He moves the oceans."
~Victor Hugo Les Miserables
All truth are easy to understand, once they are discover,
the point is to discover them.. Galileo

“The difficult I'll do right now
The impossible will
take a little while”
-Billie Holiday
"I hate good taste. It's the worst thing that can happen to a creative person" .
- Helmut Newton


23 Jul 12 22:29
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