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Any endeavor, any dream starts with a seed of an idea that, with great nurturing and care, can grow into amazing things. Butter Tree Studios is no different. We here at Butter Tree have worked tirelessly, for many years, to grow and nurture our craft with the most impeccable taste. We believe we have created the most enriching environment for your company to grow it's most cherished ideas.

Being a Production company as well, we empathize and understand that the grueling nature of the film business should not be exacerbated by the pains of booking and utilizing studio space. We believe we have alleviated those stresses of booking out-dated sound stages, and have rather created an atmosphere that will stimulate your very core imagination and inspire your most unbridled creativity. You'll find that our studios are beautifully designed, immaculately clean, and littered only in care and convenience.

At Butter Tree Studios our mission is to help you grow, nurture and harvest your vision to exquisite taste. Welcome to Butter Tree Studios, where taste matters!