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About Me

Tommy Marrero - Welcome to W.I.L.D Entertainment. Otherwise known as “that new blaze burning down the town”. Created with the sole mindset of starting a revolution between the diverse ethnic generations and deleting the ancient stereotypes among demographics. We all deserve to lose ourselves in euphoria, so here’s your gateway.

Founded by Tommy Marrero beginning in NYC at the age of 18, Tommy began by break dancing at the local 18+ clubs. Building his reputation fast, he found ways to bring together different groups of people that made up the ever growing audience upon each of his appearances. ”But would these people follow a teenage kid?” Well this is how Tommy, though so crazy wild, laid the foundation of this up and coming company.

As hectic as the nightlife can be, by adhering to disciplined coordination and passion driven methods, Tommy was able to present the ultimate outing. He is strict to his organization treating both, clients and friends as equals, ensuring good vibes throughout the evening. Preventing outside influences from interfering with any event activities, Tommy always ensures an over satisfying experience for each of his customers.


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