About Me

Hello Everyone :)

I am Selina Rellita,but they call me Seii,16 years of exsistance,5'5 in heigt and 120 in weight and a proud Asian....

Ever since I was 6 I was studying the art of modeling,I studied how to walk,talk and act like one,because I dont see my self anywhere but modeling....
Aside from modeling I am also interested in acting,I also have experience in news writing

I SPEND A LOT OF TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA,but aside from that I am also looking for opportunities that will be my breakthrough in the industry,

My greatest dream is to be a top model 'cause if I do I would'nt be just carrying my name I will be carrying the name of the Philippines

Models I look up to are Tyra Banks,Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian,

I also spend my time blogging about fashion :))
I am totally obssesed with fashion,its a must for me to know the latest about fashion....

I plan on pursuing my modeling career while finishing my studies and I'm gonna take up Business Administration...



01 Jan 15 08:16
You're beautiful! Take a look at my portfolio and message me.
03 Mar 13 14:43
wanna do a photo shoot please get ahold of me thru Facebook and you'll see my huge collection of pics from the US and also here in Manila. I currently live in Greenhills, not too far away from Xavier School so get ahold of me thru Facebook. Thanks dear!
03 Mar 13 14:41
Hi Seii Rellita! Thanks for the add and if you have a Facebook account please add me at http://www.facebook.com/donger.ja.mes.paparazzi is my Facebook address. I'm leaving Manila and I will be going back to the US this coming May of this year so if ya
04 Nov 12 18:13
4 nice photo, hope to make them grow lets talk about it!
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