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I've always been the creative type. I started as a musician, writing, recording and touring. I put that on the shelf to "grow up" (wife, kid, "real job",etc...) which turned out to be a huge mistake. The stress of the job (IT) and resulting disconnect from the family caused burnout, then blowup, then breakdown. End result? Treatment resistant Major Depression Disorder. I've been living with this for a few years with no improvement. One not so bad day, I came across boxes of photos I had taken (during my touring days) and remembered how much I loved taking those (and bandmates giving me a hard time but later wanting copies). I picked up a DSLR and have been trying to learn "the right way" to capture notable photos. It's been somewhat therapeutic and I hope my musical ability will return as a result. I crave beauty (admiring and capturing) and hope to meet/work with like minded artists.