About Me

As an aspiring artist with my camera being my chosen canvas, I'm open to almost all forms of photography.

That being said, Natural light outdoor Portraiture is particularly intriguing to me.

The challenge of lighting is always something that most photographers face and yet so satisfying when I manage to nail the desired effect.

I would love to collaborate with Models, MUA and other Photogs who're looking to build up their field of work/portfolio and have interesting project ideas that we could work together on to realise our vision.

From the couple of pics on my port, You'll realise that I'm into cosplay stuff and am quite inspired by movie, fantasy/comic/game character art. If you feel you have an inkling to try this out in some sort of collaboration, do drop me a line here.

That being said, I'm not just limited to Cosplay, interested to try out all this other stuff as well.

Though based in Johor Bahru, I'm often in Singapore and will consider travelling to Kuala Lumpur and other parts of Malaysia if a good project can be slotted into my schedule.



26 Feb 13 01:42
thanks for the add!
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