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Photographer Marie Saturn is the dynamic behind Saturn Style Studios. Saturn's unique approach to digital photography begins with design and concept discussion, and is complete only when the client has the edited web files and photographic prints in hand. Her edgy and creative style offers a fresh approach to fashion, commercial, lifestyle and advertising photography. She is able to expose the heart, spirit , and truth of the picture, and let the rest go. With a location in Portland, OR, she can offer a customized studio or bring her equipment to you, providing full service, on-location, shoots.
She is not satisfied until the client has unique signature images that exceed their original vision.

I am on the Board of Directors for Portland Fashion Week I sit on the panel for new designers, and pick models for PFW runway, along with model bootcamps. http://www.portlandfashionweek.net/

I am a 53 year old fashion, print and lifestyle model, stylist and photographer...
With a young heart and seasoned spirit, I can look upon the world with a soulful eye. This ability has given me the skill to imagine myself into anything I desire. When doing this, I can rearrange perspective, in which can provide revelation, and ultimately transformation. I adapt to the design of the character, hold its respect, its personality, gain an understanding of its weakness, and in turn gain its strengths. I am able to expose the heart truth and spirit of the picture, and let the rest go. I do not fight the elements over which I have no control, but embrace them. I have been a dancer, body builder personal trainer and in Athletic Management for over 20 years, I have sculpted my body as if it were art, this in turn trancends what I do, it represents who I am. I am a versatile model looking to explore new, interesting and creative ideas. I enjoy establishing a working relationship with my photographers so we may both benefit from our growing experience and creative energy together. As a very motivated, independent and dedicated individual I have attained success in all aspects of my life and career. I am a very passionate and creative person and I let this carry over into my work.

I am a signed lifestyle model with Sports Unlimited; http://www.sportsu.com/index.php ,some of my credits; Fred Meyer, NW and LA Getty Images, Corbis Images, Tandem Resort, Miller Paint, Home Depot, Safforna Designs, Blue Cross, Kaiser, Urban Metallics. Fashion Week 2004 Fashion Week 2005 Fashion Week 2006 , 2007, 2008.


Wall Street Journal
Kate Towers
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Emily Katz
Style Is So You magazine
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Oregon State Bar Assoc
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Devin Phillips
RiverPlace Athletic Club
RiverPlace Hotel
Boca Raton Resort and Club
Columbia Edgewater Golf Club and Pro Shop
Safforna Designs


22 Jan 10 19:22
Wow, you really have a gift for photography. Excellent port!
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