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About Me

I'm writing a picture because I have to write. I'm inspired mainly by music, especially modern Italian songs. I am inspired by people.
It is important to me that my paintings were made with a maximum quality. With the term "high quality picture", I mean the level of performance, reflection of the planned and impromptu.
Along with the ongoing work on new paintings, I continue to study painting.
I use oil-based paint that is often thin. My painting is like a watercolor. But sometimes I write thick, emphasizing the expression of a stroke. The picture should live.
The picture is completed if it conveys what I wanted, but it can occur even in the early stages of writing. To write a good picture, for me, is to know when to stop.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2012, Vernissage "So Art" gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2011, "The Affordable Art Fair", New York City, USA.

2011, New light, "Le Siants" gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

2011, Prism, "Sixty One Gallery" Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2010, Faces, Inter Art Galerie Reich" Cologne, Germany.

2010, Rainbow, "So Art" Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2010, Down to art, "So Art" Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2010, Next renaissance, "Inter Art Galerie Reich", Germany.

2010, Reflection, Art Mix Gallery" Antwerp, Belgium.

2010, Be open, "L'Encadreur" Lille, France.

2010, Il Calore del Colore, "Mentana" gallery, Florence, Italy

2010, The artist, "RD Fine Arty Gallery", Bruges, Belgium

2009. Art competition "Russian Art Week." Moscow, Russia

2009, Vernissage, "RD Fine Arty Gallery" in the city of Bruges.
In 2007, "Art-Event", Antwerp, Belgium

2005, Presentation, "Ann Jorissen" gallery, Malin, Belgium

2002, Fortis art, "Passage 44", Brussels, Belgium


Born in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, in 1977.
From 1992 to 1995 studied at the Art College of the Alma-Ata
From 1995 to 1999 studied at the Academy of Arts of Repin in St. Petersburg.
From 2001 to 2004 studied at the Art School "RHoK" in Brussels.
From 2006 to 2007 studied at the Academy of Arts in Antwerp.