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About Me

I am Kinggalz the body painter living in Jakarta area. I have been doing all kinds of art all of my life. I went to community college doing every creative class that I could find. I have done face painting for the last 1 years. Recently someone suggested that I go to Bali to audition for a reality show which show-cased my body painting art. That opportunity has moved me to devote my artistic expression to the painting one or more bodies in bursts of creative expression. My 2 finished projects have turned out beautifully. I chose my best effort to date to submit to you. Please remember that what the models do with their bodies adds to the the painting making the artistic expression that the viewer enjoys. My approach is to select a painting imagining how the models will deliver it. Dynamic body art is a New Age descendant of beautiful canvases. I am glad to be defining what it should be. When bare skin with a bold design, transforms a beautiful person into a lizard or a cyborg, the viewer is amazed. This is one of the oldest art forms that is finding a renaissance.