Alex Day
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About Me

I use professional temporary body paint on the human canvas. I like the idea of ephemeral art. It ensures that every art work is going to be really unique. Originally I started out on more traditional media but discovered the wide range of possibilities the living canvas had to offer and it became my passion. I love how much extra movement and sensuality women's curves can bring.

I am always looking to collaborate with talented female models and photographers. I am always looking for fun or interesting projects to paint for. I like to use the energy and essence of my models for inspiration. I use an airbrush, sponges and brushes. I offer custom designs for commercial promotion, private or social events, or just for the liberating experience of transforming yourself through art.

Available at my studio or at your location depending on the need or event!

PS: I would like to add that this is a passion and a hobby. This is not my full-time job. It is just the very best way I find to blow off steam and to satisfy my creative needs.