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About Me

I'm a pinup artist that is definitely more unique than anything out there today. I differ from the contemporary crowd because of the variety that I bring to the table. Be it the simplicity of black and white to full color I make my mark by the sheer number of mediums I use. I'm proficent in the use of graphite, prismacolor pencil, pastels, acrylics, watercolor, oils, airbrush, silkscreen, offset, and digital. I could go all digital but I prefer the tangibility of traditional media.

Open to just about anything except two major criteria 1) I don't draw men, their boxy. I just don't do it just like I won't paint landscapes. 2) I never paint anything more risque than a Playboy style nude(i don't do hardcore). Once that door is opened it's harder to go back.

Prices vary so dramatically based on medium,intricacy and size so I do not have a fee system, For example: A small 8in x 11in full acrylic painting may be more expensive than a 2ft x 4ft graphite panel mainly due to the acrylic taking longer to finish, it can also vary from the complexity of the image.

I'm currently looking for models willing to trade original artwork for reproduction rights (or on some occasion I might just require the rights for portfolio purposes only ). In the long run I just want to work and I don't want to hang out, party,get your number, be your man, be seen with you, or any of that other amateur crap because none of that puts money in my pocket. I'm not rich or an adonis so rather than go through the long process of trying to get into some one's pants, I'd rather play videogames.

If your looking for a professional and safe enviornment, I do everything over the internet. No need to meet in person , all I need is a jpg image to work off of and a P.O box to send the artwork to if needed. No cost to you for either travel or time all I need is patience until the work is finished.

P.S. You can steal these images all you want. The resolution is so low and I do a little here and there to change this and that so your basically stealing a piece of crap. I do this purposefully to avoid fakes trying to pass off my stuff as their own because I know the spot or spots that are altered on each piece. Plus nothing beats the original.


200+ Sketch Cards for Benchwarmer Trading Cards in 2007-2008

200+ Sketch Cards for the series of Golden Age of Comics, Classic Sci-Fi/Horror Movie Posters, and Woodstock Generation Posters for Breygent Marketing

Several Glamourcon Los Angeles/Long Beach appearances (Only 1 Chicago appearance)

Artease 3 at The light gallery in Santa Monica,Ca

Several group shows with The Rendering Associates at The Back Door Gallery in Encinitas, Ca

People that have my artwork (might also be used as reference if needed)
-Ashley Puida
-Angel Boris
-Cindy Pucci
-Brianna Jordan
-Koa Marie Turner
(will be updating because my mind has gone blank)