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About Me

Antonio is an experienced multi-media artist whose unique work is often shown in various contemporary art forms including, paintings, photography and cinematography. At an early age he developed an interest and passion in the various styles of artwork produced from legendary to unknown artists whom he later became influenced by.

Inspired and fascinated by his surroundings and cultures, he soon started to explore the different types of connections between the art form and content of current and past artwork and how it would appear if made and shown in a different way. Antonio’s photography work explores the building of an image through a variety of creative techniques applied i.e. composition, colour, lighting, etc in the production or post-production process. From simple to complex to beautiful or even unattractive subjects, his approach is to creatively depict a particular inconspicuous but at the same time a very interesting area of the image, to begin experimenting and manipulating with his own various techniques and styles hoping to create an outstanding and unique piece of artwork. Indeed, this approach leads the viewer into experiencing an alternative perspective of these subjects.