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About Me

I am a producer for sexymandarin.com looking for beautiful women who speak Mandarin.

SexyMandarin is an educational institution that uses unconventional but memorable methods in teaching Mandarin to our passionate students with our sexy celebrity teachers.

SexyMandarin started off with a group of people who had a fun idea of shooting sexy Chinese girls that could teach Mandarin Chinese in short 2 minute clips. After editing the clip, we decided to post our first video, “Lesson 1: What time is it?” on youtube where it became viral.

The project has been featured in various publications from “The Daily Telegraph” to “Huffington Post”, and even mentioned by Jimmy Falllon, in his U.S. prime time show. With it’s popularity, the SexyMandarin youtube channel has over 2 million hits and counting.

All our SexyMandarin team members have hands on experience in learning Mandarin, and we came to a conclusion that the traditional textbook method of teaching is not the way to go about learning this language.

Many students get overwhelmed when they see the Chinese characters in their course materials and their brain automatically shuts off from learning the language.

We believe that being able to master spoken Chinese is more important than being able to write, and have focused our learning materials with emphasis on tones, and vocabularies not from ordinary textbooks but ones that are commonly used in today’s Chinese spoken language.