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About Me

Most of my "real" work has been in landscape and nature photography, but I am very anxious to expand and explore the human being as a subject. Currently, a poor graduate student so I prefer TFP, but I am not opposed to working out reasonable monetary arrangements in some situations.

I am open to shooting a wide range of different moods, styles, and tones. I have a list below of type of shots I would like to emulate, but those are more of a point of reference for me to get some ideas from. There's usually a few cool ideas for photoshoots floating through my head. In my opinion, the best kinds of shoots are an interactive collaboration between the model and photographer as these are most likely to result in strongly emotive and artistic images. Thus, I want to focus on working with models or artists (any age, gender, shape, size, etc.) who have an interest in taking on creative and/or emotional contexts.


Melissa Mae