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I am an experienced full time model and actress, currently looking for an agent or agency who can continue to provide high quality films and shoots. I do NOT have tattoos, in spite of doing the Woman of the Dragon Tong Shoot.

My website is www.classicamodel.com. I have done both major and minor shoots.
Visit my website for 2014 professional shoots. I just completed a movie in Thailand, and a commercial for a major Hotel and spa in Bangkok. I completed a Norwegian Cruise line promotion, will be doing Oceanic Cruise Lines in June, and Extreme Travel for Costa Rica in Sept.

I have done runway, hair and makeup, parts, performance, promotional and art and definitely glamor and high fashion.




See website for current 2014.

§ Armani Co § Trac® Fashions § Letté Fashion Designs
§ Bergdoff Goodman Fashions § Allie Ollie Fashions § Vogue Magazine Asia
§ Shaldahls Fashions § Le Chateau Fashions § Danier Leather
§ Ulta § Cosmopolitan Magazine § Arabella Models

§ Boulder Beer US § Henderson Dive Greece § Martial Arts Magazine

2013 Shoots
§ David A Sacks Photographer § Roland Reed Photographer § Scott Miller Photographer
§ Marcie Rains Photographer § Robert Dickson Photographer § Thomas Watkins Photographer
§ Cathy and Jake Photographers § Ken Levine Photographer § Mike Eller Photographer
§ Jason Brook Photographer § Patricia Hartsford Photographer § Mike Brophy Photographer
§ Russ Hooks Photographer § Jay Chatzkei Photographer § Jim Johnson Photographer
§ PK Photography § Scott Matens Photographer § Duane Furlong Photographer
§ Jim Johnson Photographer § Robert Earl Photographer § Fvona Photography
§ Robert Cantrall Photographer § Theresa Photographer § Molly Shoemaker Photographer
§ G Photoworks Photography § Right Brain Photography § Jacob Decker Photography
§ A Steven Films § Cedric Jones Photography § Sand Angel Photography
§ Khaivilay Phoenix Soul Photography § Jacob Decker Photography § Robert Haasch Photographer
§ Patricia Descalzi Photographer § April Morganroth Photography


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