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About Me

After a series of events I have found myself in the role of video production specifically local cable type TV shows and am absolutely loving it. I have a strong background in pro audio, starting with live sound for bands and DJ services and in the past few years have set up a pro-tools based recording studio at my family farm. There is no better place to make music than back home in the country and have decided to open my doors to writers for retreats and getaway sessions for song writers to get away from the hustle of the city and seek out true inspiration.

After producing and co-hosting a radio show on a regional basis (appox 1 million people in range of stations we aired on) the show decided to take it to the next level and film for tv as well much like the Rick and Bubba show and others. This experience has taken me to a new level professionally and am currently in the process of building/adding-on a video studio as well to film talkshow/interview type shows for local cable. Our area has no local shows to speak of (rural south east georgia) so i'm hoping to blaze a path for my community to have a well produced and professional looking (hometown cable tv station has no hi-def cams at all so almost anything current looks pro lol) tv show I can be proud to be a host, director, producer and just about any other job title you can think of.