Joey Leblanc - Buddha Head two generations
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I am Joey Leblanc , a professional photographer who resides in Jakarta, Indonesia. I first started photography as a hobby and then after finishing my photography class i became deeply interested to the photography world. I think when you became photographer you see the world completely different. As you started to be more detailed and observent to the things you see and look. I am lucky to be able to travel to a fairly wide range of areas to capture some of the best god paintings human can only ever witness. My intention to join this website is to see and be seen:) so i will be able to widen the network and also see what other photographer working on. I am fairly relax from day today to basis but when it comes to my job i take it extremely serious to ensure that the client get the best of what they expect or even more. I am fairly open to ideas and inputs however i do have my own style that will shown very strong in every image that i take.


I would like to thanks to Darwis Triady photography school Jakarta and Vya Leblanc (Model and FDJ) Jakarta