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Traditionally focused on drawing and painting but hardly have time for that anymore... so I am taking up photography. Have been playing with the camera for a few years now with a lot of landscapes but really want to start focusing more on people. I am also intent on someday taking some of my photos and turning them into sketches, drawing and paintings. I do this as a hobby with no intent on using this as a business (though any model can certainly use whatever images he/she wants for their own purposes). I guess I would have to say that I am probably looking at TFP or TFCD...

I am hoping that this site can provide me with some contacts to start exploring the lens... I am open to just about anything. I am not a huge promoter of Photoshop and touch-ups...However, I do not make alterations to photos but that is mostly limited to lighting, colour, shade and whatnot.

I live in the Ottawa area but can drive to other locales and have a lot of ideas and concepts, but I need to find a muse first!!

Additional photos can be seen at: