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Ravi Selvaraj: Photographer

The about page is definitely one of the hardest parts of compiling a Web presence. I’m pretty sure mine needs a severe overhaul. My about me section sucks and I should probably hire somebody to write one for me. My “witty” doesn’t work as well as I want it to. Now I have some inspiration since iStudio wont allow me unless I do it.

Originally from Chennai, India I am currently in Singapore where I am pursuing my professional career in water industry. From childhood to current I always enjoyed traveling and remained an outdoor person. Being an outdoor person I had natural attraction to wild life and throughly enjoy watching and photographing mammals, birds and landscapes.

I consider myself as much a traveller as I am a photographer. Indeed the two go hand in hand and I am in my most creative best while traveling and equally an enthusiastic traveller when i have the camera in hand. I have travelled to most of the national parks in africa, indian sub continent and in south east asia for photographing wild life. Recently I took interest in portraiture and found it equally inspiring. Couple of photo shoots in Singapore and more reading about fashion photography is drawing me in this more and more.....now you know why i am here in iStudio and doing the hard work of writing "about me"....

As I shoot mainly for my passion in photography, I will shoot for free if your concept or theme allows me to extend my creativity to the next level. It doesn't matter if you are an aspiring model or a proven diva feel free to drop me a link to your port anywhere on this site and we might actually work some magic. As I said I love traveling and can go anywhere to make it work....