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i am sweet and love to take picture..selfie2 lang pag may time...i love to be a model and this is my first time joining a modelling sites...just want to enhance my ability communicate through camera...


21 Mar 14 09:26
Great portfolio! You're my new fav photogenically-superior Mestiza diva model on iStudio! Thanks for the add again and I can't wait to make more photogenically-superior modelling diva photos here in your iStudio account. Take care sweetie! :D
21 Mar 14 09:24
Hi Joan! I just noticed that ya added me to your iStudio peeps! Thanks for that! Just lemme know when you'll be in Manila so we could do a professional photo shoot OK? Do you have Facebook? Mine is http://www.facebook.com/donger.ja.mes.paparazzi
19 Nov 13 01:39
do you have email? love to have you as my model
11 Aug 13 15:04
Beautiful port Joan :)
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