About Me

Celebrating the Beauty of a Woman

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful." --Sophia Loren

My PASSION for photography involves blending natural lighting and a model's beauty. I entertain ideas for themes or outfits from the model and I also make suggestions that I think would suit her portfolio as well as add that dash of beauty to mine. I am easy to work with and comfortable with all styles.

I SHOOT PREDOMINATELY Glamour Nude, Lingerie and Nude, work with some implied in there, a little bit of glam, a little art influence, a whole lot of natural sexiness. I like open-mindedness and those who like an adventure.

Shooting on location offers unique opportunities to be photographed in unusual situations. Choosing quite secluded locations and unsocial hours reduce your chances of being stumbled upon.

My work reflects all styles of photography. I consider the female figure to be a unique art form, and as such to be appreciated and also respected.

My satisfaction comes in providing a model with great photos for her portfolio. Each model brings her unique personality and enthusiasm to the shoot.

So if you like my work, contact me to discuss a photo shoot. The result of working together creatively should be something that both of us should be proud of. That is what I strive to capture one frame at a time.

A model has the option to bring a female friend as escort to the shoot. I believe a model should be safe and comfortable. If you are under 18, I will work with you as long as I have parental support and attendance at the shoot.