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I am a 32-year-old former-professional photographer living in Durham, North Carolina. I currently serve as the Assistant Director for Programs at the Center for International Studies at a top-tier research University.

Photography is no longer my profession, but it remains my passion, with the fine art nude being my primary focus at the moment, as I plan the path to an MFA.

I've been shooting various subjects professionally since 1996 -- including editorial coverage of the USA Soccer Youth Cup, NCAA/ACC sporting events, Rolex Grand-American racing, Farnborough International Airshow, the Paris Airshow and various events for a Washington, D.C. national security think-tank. Since returning to Durham, I'm no longer paid for my photography, so I don't consider myself a "pro" any longer.

Artistically, I have focused on urban architectural abstracts, fine art landscapes, in addition to fashion, glamour and artistic nudes.

The art nude has fascinated me since I first got my hands on an SLR at age 12, when I came across an amazing photograph in the 35mm Handbook which accompanied the camera. Seeing it, I realized figure study has a unique place in photography -- unlike far-off landscapes, whimsical societies, or exotic architecture, basically, everyone is familiar with what the human body looks like, which places the responsibility squarely with the photographer to achieve something new and unseen, solely by painting with light, lenses and camera angles.

I'm influenced heavily by Imogen Cunningham, Edward Weston (and his son, Brett), Thomas Karsten and Patrick Demarchelier and painted works by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Henri Matisse, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and Edward Degas.

I prefer in-camera crops and mostly eschew digital manipulation that couldn't otherwise be done in a darkroom on an enlarger. I prefer the look and feel of film, when I can, though I've been embracing an all-digital workflow more frequently, of late.

There are lots of snapshot artists and GWC's out there; I'm not one of them -- my work earns 'oohs and ahhs' from everyone who's looked at it, even those uncomfortable with the concept of the art nude; my portfolio has been thin, at times, in the past, because I'm a nice guy who was too naïve about getting photo releases signed.

I would like build on my glamour/artistic nude portfolio, mostly with models willing to collaborate creatively on a TFP/TFCD basis. I'm not against paying models, they provide a unique look, incredible talent or the means to elevate my work to the next level. I will share any profits from sales and exhibitions. That said, I'm not in it for the money - the artwork is its own reward.

Predominantly, I prefer models with a natural appearance and a collaborative attitude -- the photographs are as much the result of my work, as they are the model's. I'm equally happy to work with first-time and experienced models.

I'm fair with the terms of my modeling release and usage license, which I'm happy to provide up-front and am willing to amend on a case-by-case basis.

I'm okay with chaperones, on three conditions: 1) you have to comfortable with them seeing everything, else they will have to find something else to occupy their time while we work, 2) if you consider your escort to be your 'personal security force,' or 'bodyguard,' don't bother -- your safety, comfort and peace of mind is just as important as mine, but an adversarial attitude, from the get-go, will create undue tension during the shoot, 3) they won't mind serving as a human reflector stand from time-to-time.

I'm highly protective of my work and the reputations of my models, probably to my own detriment. My photographs will never, ever, appear in any format or context that will cause you embarassment and I will make every attempt to consult with you prior to any exibition, or use by a 3rd party.

I can provide a much wider sample of my work, as well as references, once contacted. (I'm highly protective of my models on 3rd party websites.)

Pentax K1000 (semi-retired)
Canon EOS 3
Nikon F3H
Mamiya RB67 ProSD
Canon EOS 1D MkIII
+ lots of fast glass
Studio: pack and head strobes
Location: speedlites galore

If you are interested in modeling for me, contact me via PM, or at
If you've sent me a PM and I haven't responded within 48 hours, then MM never delivered it (email me, if in doubt).


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Announcement ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I will not be scheduling photo shoots anytime from November 7 until, at least, December 16 due to the expected birth of my daughter, who is due in mid-November.
----- Pending Collaborations -----
August 20 - Rebecca Lawrence [155507]
August 27 - Luz de Luna [831009]
August-ish - tomagochi [1878327]
August-ish - Krissa [2161465]
August-ish - Winnie Hui [1924797]
August-ish - Emilia Silvia [1266678]
August-ish - Moriah Sadiye [1861497]

?? - Paige Monroe [368094]
?? - Brittney I [2025185]
?? - Jen Lynne [502949]
?? - Betsy M. [not on MM]
?? - Ruby Bost [497824]
?? - GrandmasterFlam [377289]
?? - Cari Best [361434]
?? - Joanna Seipel [1764644]

----- Past Collaborations -----
[*] Marissa Katrina Bergman [website](7/3/2011)
[*] Kitty and Wendy Lynch [not on MM] 6/25/2011)
[*] Moriah Sadiye [1861497] (6/4/2011)
[*] Jon Son [MUA 1814338] (6/8/2011)
[*] Brennan [1062651] (5/28/2011)
[*] Bunny Lynch [tumblr] (5/21-22, 6/25/2011)
[*] Kristen Surban [1652081] (04/02, 05/22, 6/8/2011)
[*] KayC T [1598519] (04/01/2011)
[*] Emilia Silvia [1266678] (03/26/2011)
[*] Cari Best [361434] (03/21/2011 & 5/7/2011)
[*] Leah Ashley [1022907] (03/19, 4/30 and 7/26/2011)
[*] Betsy M. [not on MM] (3/6/2011)
[*] Barbette Hunter [not on MM] (2/13/2011)
[*] Heather Kolaya [1849058] (2/12/2011)
[*] Emily Rose [1912724] (Feb 5 & March 12, 2011)
[*] tomagochi [1878327] (Jan 29 & 30, 2011)
[*] Wendy C. [not on MM] (12/19/2010 & 2/13/2011)
[*] Divinna Lynn [1059304] (12/12/2010)
[*] Connie C. [not on MM] (2004)
[*] Jess A. [not on MM] (2004)
[*] Ivette Fernandez [not on MM] (2000-2005)
[*] Stacey H. [not on MM] (1997-2006)

----- Past Work -----
[*] Ambassador Patrick D. Duddy, U.S. Department of State (1/6, 7/5/2011)
[*] Farnborough 2004 (Boeing; IAI; Lockheed-Martin; Northrup-Grumman)
[*] Miss USA - Pageant application photography for Miss Alaska USA 2001
[*] Miss Alaska USA - Pageant application photography for 2001 winner
[*] Paris Air Show 2001 (Boeing; Lockheed-Martin; United Defense)
[*] Eurosport - Cover - 1997.2
[*] Sports Endeavors, Inc - Studio product photography & editorial sports coverage
[*] JINSA - D.C. event photography 1998-2006


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