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My name is Luigi Governi.
I'm 41 years old ... Italian man, I live and work in Bangkok.
I Started taking pictures when I was a teenager in my home town Cagliari in the south coast of Sardinia.
At the age of 14 I bought my first reflex ... Vivitar V200 with 50 mm lents and a 70-200 mm zoom also Vivitar.
Camera that stayed with me till I was 23 ...
In the early days we used to take most of our shots on slides ... Kodak Chrome ....
And unfortunately I haven't been able to pass all of them into digital because they are in Italy ... I'm planning to go back and bring back with me all my belongings ... Next year maybe ... Since that my parents passed away ....
I became a diving instructor when I was 20 years old ... and at the age of 26 I started to make underwater videos and photos ... I do have with me all my Mini DV well preserved ....
I bought my Canon EOS 400 D in 2006 and overused it till 2009 ... when I sold it and changed over to Nikok ...
I had Nikon D3000 with zooms and flash light ... I gave away D3000 early this year and I'm now using Nikon D 3200.
Photography isn't my permanent job ... Unfortunately I have never mad enough money with it ... neither with the underwater videos I was able to make decent living .... But I was Photographer in the Italian Navy during my national service ... back in 1992 ... and I got the Diploma and qualification of Editorial Photographer back there and then.


Italian Government ... Italian Navy ... Diploma of Editorial Photographer .