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626 Studios has always offered photoshoots to those interested. To help us facilitate all you wonderful people's requests, please help us by including the following when you submit a booking request:

- Your location.
- Type of style you are interested in shooting.
- Availability (Date and Times that work best for you).
- Desired length of time you'd like to shoot.
- Amount of retouched photos you'd like.
- Contact number you can be reached at.

This information helps us give you the best possible booking and of course the best quality of photos!

Advice to models:

- It's better to take too many outfits to a shoot than not enough. If you're doing 3 looks, bring 5 complete outfits.
- Always work UP! When you work with a photographer make sure the next one is better. Compare their portfolios if the new photographer isn't as good, save yourself the time, money, and frustration.
- Never measure a photographer by what he or she says. Measure a photographer by his or her portfolio. The truth is in the portfolio.

Thank you again and we look forward to working with you!!!

You can email me for questions/concerns:



16 Aug 13 16:26
Photo Retoucher available! Please check out my work and if you're interested in my services feel free to send me an email :) If you're interested in a chance to win a free photo retouch like Brunette Grenade Retouching on Facebook!
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