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Michael is an international film actor with strong theatre background and a voice over track record.
He's known for movies like " Small Change"-Oscar nominated in 2000,
"The Soloist", " Bye, Mallorca","Mum, I stay with you...",
"Autumn", "28",......and many more.
And more recently ICON Picture’s feature film" Freight",Universal's "War Games" and Edilberto Restino's "Beijo de Morena-A BRUNETTE KISS".
But he also was very successfully on the small screen in highly awarded tv shows.


2012,Film,Mechanic,"Tinker,Tailor,Soldier,Spy", Working Title,
2011, Film,Voice of Old Franz,"Beijo de Morena-A BRUNETTE KISS", zero 1 films
2011,Film,Uncle,War Games(AT THE END OF THE DAY),Universal,The Mob
2010,Film,Dracul,Freight ,AV Pictures,Icon
2009,Film,Watcher,"28",Andrew Start;
2008,Film,Bad Guy One,No Name,Capture Films
2007,Film,Prime Minister,Rubicon,Crystal Line Film
2005,TV,Rottman,Caretaker Krausse,Constantin Film
2004,Television,Rottman,Hausmeister Krause,Constantin Film
2004,Television,Fritz Erdman,The Hindenburg Disaster,BBC Television
2003, Television,Alexander Grey, INVASTIGATIONS, BBC Television
2003, Television, Mr Rottmann,HAUSMEISTER KRAUSSE, Constantin Film,
2002, Television,Mr.Rottmann,HAUSMEISTER KRAUSE, Constantin Film,
2002, Television,Arno Menzel, ICH LASS MICH SCHEIDEN, Televersal,
2002, Television, Stefan Eschold,STREIT AT 3O'CLOCK, Televersal,
2000, Film, P.Riemann, DER SOLIST, Moovie The Art of Entertainment
2000, Television, Prof.Dr.Bernd Betz, GOOD TIME-BAD TIME,Grundy-Television,
1999, Television, Prof.Dr.Bernd Betz,GOOD TIME-BAD TIME, Grundy-Television,
1999, Television, Kanzler G.Schroeder, DIE STRASSEN VON BERLIN, Nova- Film,
1998, Television, Dr.Rolf, FIEBER,Neue Film,
1998, Film, Dr.Wertheim, KLEINGELD, Babelsberg-Film,(Oscar Nomination 2000)
1998, Film, Juergen Mitter, HERBST, Babelsberg-Film,
1997, Television,Kommisar Bauer, GEZEITEN DER LIEBE, Polyphon,
1997, Television, Siggi, A.S.Nova Film,
1997, Television, Karsten Melzer, WOLFS REVIER, Nostro Film,
1996, Television, Kommisar Ruge, DIE KIDS VON BERLIN,Ziegler-Film,
1996, Television, Achim Mellow, SK-BABIES, Polyphon,
1995, Television, Fred Reckner, DIE WACHE, Endemol Entertainment,
1996, Television,Fahnder Ruge, FAUST, Nova Film,
1997, Television,Mr.Lehmberger,DR.STEPHAN FRANK, Phoenix-Film,
1995, Film, Xaver Buchlechner,MAMMI, ICH WILL BEI DIR BLEIBEN..., Phoenix-Film,
1995, Film,Heinz, UND TSCHUESS,IN ......, Babelsberg-Film,
1994,Television, Joe Bert, DER KOENIG, Bavaria Film,
1993, Television, Udo Buchler,DIESE DROMBUSCHS,Trebitsch Film,
1992, Television, Udo Buchler, DIESE DROMBUSCHS,Trebitsch Film,
1991, Television, Udo Buchler, DIESE DROMBUSCHS,Trebitsch Film,
1990, Television, Udo Buchler, DIESE DROMBUSCHS,Trebitsch Film