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About Me

I am a retired fire fighter, published photographer, and a digital artist. I specialize in the Gothic, nude, and the fetish genre of photography. I have been published in Sanctuary, Gotica Da Fetish, Thunder Roads, and Broken Dreams Gothic & Alternative Photography magazines. I am the owner, photographer,  and the editor for Broken Dreams Gothic & Alternative Photography Magazine.

I have a number of Gothic, Victorian, and alternative costumes. I supply my models with the project costumes, and in some cases, I will custom order the costumes for the project model.

Depending upon the weather, I photograph my models indoors at my home studio, on location at various local cemeteries, or other unique structures in Charles County, Maryland.

Because I publish those who model for me, all of the models must sign a standard Release Form for Media Recording.

I do not accommodate palooka escorts, husbands, boyfriends, or significant others. I have found they all become instant photographers, and besides, I am not operating an adult day care center. You will be treated with dignity and respect at all times, and I am very loyal to those models who have graced the front of my lens.

For those about to go Goth, I salute you!

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