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About Me

The photographers of the digital age will be defined by creativity and originality.
Enter Bee Captured Photography.
Bee Captured Photography is composed of a husband and wife team, one being a creative photography nut, the other being the “Brains of the Operation”. The Photography nut or A.K.A. "H", picked up his first SLR camera back in 1996, while attending a photography class. He loves how a camera can capture a moment in time that is so real, uncut, and unrehearsed that if it wasn't for the photos, it would have probably been washed away as so many precious memories tend to be. He researched the subject’s history so in depth, that at a young age he reproduced a prehistoric black and white camera, by using a Quaker oatmeal box, black spray paint, and duck tape. “H” takes his graphic design style of editing pictures and forces a new breed of imagery that is often breathtaking.

Bee Captured Photography is always offering TFP for models of all experiences. To be honest, with everyone reading this, the only reason we shoot photography is because we love to show off what we can do! We most definitely do not do it for a profit, we do it because we want both us and our participating models to be excited to display what we do……we literally are compensated by the satisfaction of knowing that the work we put out is “Sexy”….”Tasteful”…..and that anyone that works with us will tell their friends about how much fun they had working with us. So if you are interested in what we do, or what we can offer, please don’t be shy! Just send us a message or give us a call……what do you have to lose by giving us a try?

Julianne Phone: (910) 382-3246
"H's" Phone: (910) 381-0813

Currently Bee Captured Photography is looking for the following people to work with:
-Females for fashion wedding shoot
-Hairstylist who wants to update or create a portfolio
-Models who would like to put together a cinematography portfolio demonstration video
-Females for a boudoir photo shoot
-Males for a fashion wedding shoot
-Female Cosplay models


14 Feb 14 13:45
Welcome to iStudio! Lovely port so far... Best of luck :)
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